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3 Runway Bridal Looks to Consider as Bride

Fringe and Flower Crowns

Top off your look with an over-sized flower crown! This look was so bold and chic with a hint of whimsical fairy. There are many variations of flower sizes that can drastically change your look. A medium flower size can appear more regal while a small flower size can create a bohemian look. Spray Next Day Hair by L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL to add texture to your fringe.

Photo: Stephen Giordano. Designer: Irina Shabayeva. Hair Lead: Jessica Garza. Reelstyle Beauty. Fashion Gallery NYFW.

Hidden Braid Into a High Chignon

What’s not to love about a high Chignon? we added a braid at the nape of the neck flowing into a high-perching chignon. They are 60-second face-lifts, not to mention make great bases for non-cathedral veils. You can subtly tease the ponytail and simply coil as you normally would to add fullness and secure with bobby pins. We love the extra control we got from Architexture by L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL which kept things budge-free without the stiffness. Lastly, just add a tad more Infinium 4 hairspray.

Photo by: Stephen Giordano. Reelstyle Beauty. Hair Lead: Jessica Garza. Designer: D. Auxilly with Fashion Gallery NYFW.

Faux Bob

If you are torn between an up-do or wearing your hair down, why not go with a faux bob? This look elegantly showed off the shape of the bridal gown while leaving softness around the face. Superdust by L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL was use to create the perfect amount of grip to secure this look.

Photo by: Stephen Giordano. Designer: D. Auxily. Reelstyle Beauty. Hair Lead: Jessica Garza. Fashion Gallery NYFW

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