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Curl Reviving Cream

Elasto-cream that creates defined, soft, and shiny waves and curls. Defines curls, but maintains elasticity with the use of polymer technology. Boosts existing curls when used on dry hair.



  • All hair types


  • Defined and revived waves & curls
  • Soft natural touch
  • Shine


  • Ealastine, Non Ionic Elast Polymere, Water, Softening Polymere


  • The elastine technology combined with non-ionic elasto polymere and softening polymere defines and revives waves and curls to achieve the ultimate Hollywood curls.


Siren Waves | CREAM

$27.00 Regular Price
$20.25Sale Price
  • Apply the cream to your palms and emulsify between your hands. Spread throughout the hair.

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