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My First Time Teaching on Stage!

Hey Love,

This is a day I will always remember. It was the first time I taught on stage. Although, I am not new to sharing with a classroom, being on a platform made me extremely nervous. I felt a roller-coaster of many different emotions going into this event.

I had the pleasure of joining four other member of the Ted Gibson Artistic team. The support I felt from the girls helped a lot. We each had 20 min to present a look of our choice. Ted informed us the night before that we would be on stage the following morning! I just about died! Can you imagine how I felt? All I could think was, "I didn't plan for this! I need to get started on my format. I need all the steps and proper terminology for the look. OMG, what will my model look like? She will need long hair! Can I choose my model?". Wow, that is a lot to process in the 10 seconds that followed Ted Gibson's announcement. I think he was still talking while my mind raced with all these questions.

Ted Gibson and Jason Backe have a way of calming us and reminding us that this is where we shine. WE ARE EDUCATORS. They had a few requests to share in our introduction. We had say our name, where were from, how long we have been with the team, and what we would be demonstrating with the audience. Easy enough. Ha, I blacked out a bit and forgot to say where I was from. Thank god I started with my name and was able to successfully finish all other requests.

Once I got started with my presentation, I was in my zone! It flowed pretty effortlessly. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it, it was all a blur.

Down below is a collection of the event and my final look. I hope you enjoy!

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